Elemental Musings ~ Tales of an Accidental Wordslinger
Elemental Musings ~ Tales of an Accidental Wordslinger

Spring 2008 issue of Scribe & Quill


Free Teleseminar on Bringing A Writers' Dream to Life

For Immediate Release

Contact: Patrika Vaugh
E-Mail: acappub@aol.com

Author and Publisher Team to Offer Free Teleseminar on Bringing A Writers' Dream to Life

Author advocate Carolyn Howard-Johnson and publisher Patrika Vaughn are teaming up to present a free teleseminar to writers who want to tell their own stories, as memoir or as fiction. Thus it is for genealogists, journalists and story tellers everywhere.

The teleseminar titled "How To Write Your Life Story" will be moderated by award-winning speaker and author, Allyn Evans who is also the author of Grab the Queen Power: Live Your Best Life, based on her own experiences.

Howard-Johnson will share her experience of turning her family's genealogy and stories in her award-winning novel This Is the Place and using the leftover stories from that effort in a book of creative nonfiction short stories, Harkening: A Collection of Stories Remembered. Her experiences will inform those inclined to publish their stories but who need more information about how that might come to be. She even used family memories in her chapbook of poetry, Tracings. All three books are multiple award-winners. She is also working on a memoir, Here's How I Don't Cook.

Vaughn, author of How to Write Your Own Life Story or Your Family's Saga, will talk about how to turn this material into a book, covering:

1) why you should write it

2) how to go about it (even if you've never before written anything but emails)

3) how to make it interesting to others

Writers are invited to listen and come prepared with their questions at noon on July 12th EST . Call 1-218-936-7999. When prompted use this access code: 390175. If asked participants may need this pin number: 2823.

The teleconference will be available as a podcast afterward at :

Authors' Coalition, http://www.authorscoalitionandredenginepress/podcasts_&_radio.htm
The ACapella Publishing site, http://www.acapella.com/
Allyn Evans' site, http://www.allynevans.com
On Allyn's Queen Power site, http://www.queenpower.com
And on Carolyn's Resources for Writers page at http://www.howtodoitfrugally.com
Those with questions may contact Patrika at acappub@aol.com

The seminar is offered as a service to the writing community through the auspices of Authors' Coalition (www.authorscoalitionandredenginepress.com) and Vaughn's publishing firm, A Cappela Publishing (www.acapella.com).

Media material available on request.


Featured Author in October 2007 at Author Apprentices

The Author Apprentices chat on July 31st went really well. So much, in fact, that the mods Renee and Cindy e-mailed me yesterday and asked if I'd be interested in being the Featured Author at the site for the whole month of October. Yay! I said yes (of course). October's my fave month of the entire year, so that makes it even cooler!

Stop by Oct 1 - Oct 31 at the site if you get a chance: http://www.authorapprentices.com

Summer writing courses - registration now open

The following courses are now available for summer registration: —Professional Freelancing —Creativity 101: Tapping the Muse Within —Marketing/PR for Writers Classes are limited to TEN students for each instructional cycle. If a class fills up before you are able to reserve a spot, you will automatically be signed up for the next cycle.<< MORE >>

Private telephone consultations available with The Writer's Astrologer

Bev Walton-Porter, author of "Sun Signs for Writers," is offering one-on-one private telephone consultations to writers/creatives.<< MORE >>

Susan Custer, 37-year veteran astrologer, gives Sun Signs for Writers an excellent review!

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April 29 appearance at Pikes Peak Library District's Mountain of Authors event

The Pikes Peak Library District will be hosting the Mountain of Authors event on April 29, 2007 at the East Branch, located at 5550 N. Union Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO.<< MORE >>

Those who matter don't mind :)

Perhaps Dr. Seuss said it best: "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."<< MORE >>

Neil Gaiman sends handwritten postcard about Sun Signs for Writers!

Bestselling author Neil Gaiman took the time to send me a HANDWRITTEN postcard!<< MORE >>

Attention all writer mamas (and dads!)

Christina Katz has a NEW book, "Writer Mama: How to Raise a Writing Career Alongside Your Kids," coming out from Writer's Digest Books *very soon*!<< MORE >>